that was different regarding the battery charging light

I have gone through various brands of laptops and so far, this is the first laptop that was different regarding the battery charging light. Not exactly sure if a light turns red when the laptop is low on battery but if you are like me, here are a few things you will notice. When charging, the battery light will be bright blue. When 100% charged, the battery light will turn off. It is slightly different from other laptops where red means charging and green means 100%.

4) The weight is great! Extremely light for a gaming laptop. It is bulky height wise, but not too bulky. The laptop may heat up after extended use, but thanks to the turbo fan, your laptop cools down in a matter of minutes.

Works great! The default display settings can sometimes interact weirdly with application installers, like causing them to render in very small windows, but adjusting the display zoom fixes this.
Otherwise a great machine.

5) Games. This laptop can play games. Fortnite? Yes. League of Legends? Yes. Movies? Yes. Streaming? Yes.

6) A few things I do not like about this laptop. The lights (battery light, power light, etc) are bright, haven’t found a way to lower the brightness, and they are at the bottom of the laptop. More like the front bottom but still hard to notice which is great if you don’t want to be bothered by the lights, but bad if you want to know when your laptop is done charging. The startup is a bit slower than I would like, but it still only takes about 10 seconds to start up so that’s not a big deal.

Overall, this is a great laptop with a decent price, if you are looking for a lightweight laptop to play games on, this is a top pick!

I love this laptop! it’s great for gaming, and runs things fast thanks to the Intel Optain. Its a fun Laptap I’ve been gaming with it fine for almost a month now, but this morning I woke up and it’s now “repairing disc errors” when it was running smoothly last night. Hopefully this is a one of thing.

Edit: a few minutes after posting this the repair was done, and after a couple reboots it works fine again! 🙂 it’s been about 2 weeks or so, since the problem and I haven’t had anymore problems.:)

This laptop is incredible. The seller listed as like new and it really did seem that way. No wear and tear whatsoever. Highly recommend if you want a good deal. Plus this xps 13 is the greatest laptop I’ve ever owned. So smooth and fast. Perfect if you like taking handwritten notes with the dell active pen as well.

First I want to point out that I am a college student and a hobbyist photographer, and am by no means a tech wiz. After a lot of research I decided to get a Dell XPS, and despite the great things I have read about it, this laptop still impressed me. It feels high quality, the display is beautiful, and it runs great. The laptop itself is just overall extraordinary. However, with that being said, I did not realize I bought a certified refurbished laptop. This is ok with me, but I do wish it had been clearly noted in the title or description. Also worth noting is that the shipping was very quick.

This desktop replacement is a great value but their are a few things you should know.

This desktop replacement is a great value but their are a few things you should know. Those who purchase the I5-8300H with the hybrid hard drive (platter drive with 20GB of flash memory). Many of those (including myself) had critical software errors within the operating system soon after using the laptop for the first time; Sometimes within days… that kept windows from loading. Repairing the installation of windows did nothing. The hard drive itself was corrupted making the laptop useless. I decided to swap it for an NVME SSD the day after receiving the laptop due to this issue and once I reloaded windows I haven’t had a single problem, in fact its quite a bit faster and is now quite a joy to use. The SSD cost only 89 dollars (128GB); Its not a large drive but more than enough for windows and a few games… I’ll buy a bigger drive at some point when needed. One thing I will say is the battery life is ridiculously short. About an hour and a half, 2 and a half tops if brightness is all the way down and just watching netflix or amazon. All in all this rig can run all my AAA games at comfortable frame rate. It has a strong processor and more than sufficient and fast memory at 8GB’s. The quality of the materials used in its construction are sufficient but its not metal and requires great care unlike (I can’t name the brand but think apple pie) with certain other brands. Take care of it and this laptop will last a very long time (granted you exchange the original hard drive with an SSD) as its components are quite powerful. I’m thoroughly enjoying mine so far. I’ll update this review if required.

This machine worked like a champ right out of the box this is my second XPS 13 and I love them. It is a bit small but if you don’t mind that the price is good, if you want bigger pay a little more and get the bigger XPS, they are quality machines.

I really like this computer. Especially the red back light keys! It would be nice to be able to change the color of the lights but I’m happy with the way it is. Now for the pros. The computer works beautifully & I like it. I do use it for gaming & it holds up with the speed really well without crashes. I also play some older games & with a bit of windows tweaking there is no problems. For those of you that keep accidentally clicking open the DVD drive when you’re picking up the computer – you will love this computer! Now for the cons. It has windows 10, as everyone knows they Microsoft released a bad update in October that still hasn’t been fixed as of yet – but this is not the computer’s fault. When the keyboard back lights are off, it’s a bit harder to see the letters on the keyboard if the room lighting isn’t bright. The letters on the keys are actually dark red. For people that can’t type well & need to see the keys this might present a problem – but for me it doesn’t since I don’t need to see the keyboard to type. I also wanted a built-in DVD drive. I didn’t actually know this wasn’t included when I brought the computer at the time, but the computer is so light that I really don’t miss the drive!

This was my first MSI laptop and so far, I absolutely love it! It has been a few weeks since receiving the laptop and these are just all the things I have experienced thus far.

1) Shipping was amazing, with Amazon Prime, I received the laptop within 2 days, earlier than the expected delivery time. Packaging looked great and laptop looks amazing.

2) After reading the reviews, I was a little worried about the Wi-Fi situation that people have mentioned and the unique red keyboard. Well, the Wi-Fi situation may only be weird malfunctional problems because my Wi-Fi connection works fine. The red keyboard, yes, the lights can be turned off, yes you will get used to the red lining.

Great item. Though don’t buy if you need more than 8-9hrs of battery life it should last longer but I wouldn’t expect it to.

Better than a Lenovo X1 2018 I had before that cost double the price.

Overall, couldn’t be happier! Don’t be scared by the few reviews, it’s a great mach
battery works perfectly, hinges are very strong, and computer is in pristine, new condition.

Thoroughly enjoying mine, nice build quality, speakers solid, screen nice, fairly quick speed and battery life is good, I get about 4-6 hours with regular use: videos, web, charting, word, etc. no real fan issues, a little noise sometimes but still quiet at high speeds.

Overall nice machine and should last a while. Better than a Lenovo X1 2018 I had before that cost double the price.

I love it! So small and portable perfect for a college student, like myself, I also like that the charger is small and portable too and not too big to where you can get tangled in it! I love the screen it’s a beautiful laptop! Love the keyboard and the Touch ID! So far I’m very happy with this purchase 🙂

I gotta tell you, i had my doubts on this computer going into it but i have never been more wrong. The computer is lightning fast with the 8th gen 15 (runs faster that a 7th gen i7) and after getting all the updated completed, this thing runs super smooth.

This is definitely a great budget gaming laptop and amazing workstation laptop for those of you that want the best of both worlds. Strongly recommend the 8th gen i5 version of this computer! It looks super nice too!

This purchase was more than worth the money. I enjoy using it and it has been the ideal laptop for my needs. I made this purchase over the 2018 model, because I thought this one would meet my needs better.

I was looking to upgrade my old HP laptop that was about 10 years old (yes I know) but hey it had a good life. Well a lot has changed in that time and my use for a lap top has changed too. I wanted a pc that I could use for every day tasks and game. I did my research and after my boyfriend built his computer with MSI parts and seeing how amazing and solid his build was. I compared MSI lap tops and HPs. MSI definitely took the win with the specs and the price points. Boots up and runs games and everyday task like smooth jazz. Highly recommended!!!

The machine was exactly as desribed, brand new with factory sealed parts and plastic.

I’ll be brief. This is my first  review. I bought this computer primarily for work, because I hate slow machines, and because I also occasionally play games. My 5/6 year old Lenovo Yoga couldn’t run Ori and the Blind Forest and I had given up on enjoying any of my games. This laptop runs Ori and Okami and Hollow Knight and Skyrim and the Witcher 3 and pretty much everything I love to play. Now I will say, I came from console so I wasn’t chasing 60fps. I am happy playing at 30 or higher. For it’s cost I get great performance. If I felt it was important I would have bought the next thing up with a 1060 GTX to get better framerates on newer games (60+ on PUBG and Fortnite).

As far as using it for work, it’s a blissful dream. It loads fast and launches fast. No more waiting as the computer mentally stalls. At any time I can open it up, jump into my work, and immediately finish what I’m doing and move on.

My favorite purchase so far.

I was taking a risk, as I saw in one answer I saw there was a fingerprint reader. In fact, there IS a fingerprint reader for windows hello.

The machine was exactly as desribed, brand new with factory sealed parts and plastic.
TOUCHSCREEN 1920×1080! I love this, doesn’t drain battery like the 4k model, but still have touchscreen
i5 7200u (still plenty fast,)
8gb memory
128gb ssd (immediately plopped Samsung 950 pro 256 ssd in it)
windows fingerprint reader
killer wireless

Works perfectly… and the cable is longer than my old one, and the adapter slimmer, so more convenient all around

Works perfectly… and the cable is longer than my old one, and the adapter slimmer, so more convenient all around!
Just opened the powercord. I ordered a 2nd power cord for my Dell E6420 for the same reasons as the other reviewers-to have 1 at home and 1 for the road. With the real powerbox in hand I compared the specs of the original to the new and the input & output so that is confirmed. The power plug cord is 6 feet as advertised. Which is 3 feet longer than the original from Dell. But what they didn’t mention is that the cord that goes from the power box to the laptop is 2 feet shorter than the one from Dell. So net net the gain is only about 1 foot. The reason I purchased this cord was because of the 6 foot AC cord. So this is disappointing. It does appear to work and does give me an extra foot. Just thought people would want to know.

I have a Dell E6420 and it stopped charging recently. I bought it refurbished and it came with a replacement charger not the original Dell charger. It worked fine for a month or so then stopped charging. I was so glad to see the charging light come on my laptop when I plugged in this charger. Wasn’t sure if it was my battery or my charger that was the problem but this charger has definitely fixed my charging problem.

AC adapter arrived on time and works perfectly.

AC adapter arrived on time and works perfectly. Packaging was sturdy and easy to open. The sellers photos were very helpful in selecting the adapter with the connector I needed for my Dell Laptop.
I would like it if you would stop shipping in non-biodegradable material. I prefer boxes to bubblewrap envelopes… better for the environment!
I recently received a Dell E6430 laptop without a power cable. I was concerned about purchasing one that wasn’t original equipment made by Dell but the Pwr90W extra Long 14 Ft AC Adapter Laptop Charger had such a great price and had been given many great reviews that I decided to order one. I have been using it now for about a month and no problems, no complaints.

I purchased this power adapter for my work laptop so that I don’t have to unplug and wrap up the power cord when I take the computer from my office. The price was just right! I ordered the power adapter and had it at my house in a couple of days. The item was new and all the packaging was in good order. The adapter works great – I use this as my primary power adapter and have had no issues. I will definitely order from this seller again.

This is the only flaw, however. Generally works great

I bought this charger to replace my original one after is finally succumbed to my puppy’s teeth. It is perfect for my Dell Inspiron! It seems to be charging my laptop battery better than the original charger did before its untimely demise. And the package that it arrived in was slim enough to fit in my mailbox so I didn’t have to worry about being home for its delivery or even worry about it being left unattended outside.

Perfect replacement for my 5 year old Dell. Love the charging light on the end of the cord. I notice it’s almost 3 dollars cheaper (from the same seller) just a few days after I purchased it.. Oh well, It works and I am satisfied.

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve purchased this. It fits the laptop that I own as is says in the description. It even has a little green light to tell u whether it’s plugged in properly. Hoping that it stands the test of time

The product was what the description said it was and was an actual Dell product. I received it in a timely matter.

Overall, this is great and works just as described. Even the switchable tips for different laptop models seem very well-made.

However, with continuous use, the plug between the wall cable and the main block gets looser and almost slippery. I’ve only been using my first one (now own two) for a few months, but it’s enough at this point that it has (once) simply slipped out on its own as I was moving it.

This is the only flaw, however. Generally works great

My computer had completely shut down until I got this new Power adapter

My computer had completely shut down until I got this new Power adapter. It works like a new one now.
Fit my Dell lattitude great, charges as expected it would. The fitting is a little loose compared to other chargers I have had in the past but this could be a Dell issue.
This adapter-charger is a perfect replacement for my Dell Inspiron 5520. My laptop is now working like new again.
I had a battery on the low end of life so I ordered a new battery from this company. Obviously the order came up with “others also ordered this” . I liked the idea of a long adapter cord and the price was right so why not. It was the right decision as the charger worked as well as the original Dell but the added cord length was the deal clincher because of where our outlets are relative to where we use the computer. We also tried the charger with the original Dell battery and it worked fine. Using a Dell E6420 and I think this is as good as OEM charger.
I have bought an awful lot of these chargers in the past. Most say Dell on them with OEM part #’s. Most last a year or so then come up as needing an authentic 90W charger/adapter. This one is not a Dell brand, but I decided to try it based on another review. So far it’s working great. It seems to charge faster, goes to and stays at 100% when plugged in and the cord is measurably longer and meets my needs. It goes from fully discharged to 100% in +/- 1 hr. I’ll let you know better after a year or more.

Les barrettes sont de marque Samsung, conforme à la description

Mon imac 27″ de 2009 fonctionnant encore à merveille, j’ai opté pour ce kit 2*4Gb afin de lui donner un peu de punch au regard des applis comme Chrome, Safari, Opéra et Firefox ou encore le pack Adobe CC qui consomment de la RAM déjà elle même solicitée par l’IOS (10.11 dans mon cas). J’avais 4* 2Go soit 8 Go et souvent j’avais remarqué être un peu juste.
J’ai remplacé un binôme de 2Go par ce kit, ce qui me permet d’avoir maintenant 12Go et de la marge une fois mes logiciels lancés. Le remplacement s’effectue sans problème et je n’ai aucun problème après le redémarrage. Ios détecte bien la jeu de 2*4Go.

Les barrettes sont de marque Samsung, conforme à la description. Elles sont de bonnes factures et livrés dans un boitier plastique.
Côté prix, le kit était à 62 euros et au final je l’ai payé 54 euros sans savoir pourquoi. Merci pour la remise 🙂
J’ai acheté ce produit (2 x 8Go 1600 mhz) ainsi qu’un disque dur SSD (crucial 525go) pour donner une nouvelle vie a mon macbook pro early 2011, résultat très remarquable !! Installation en 5 min, la machine le reconnait directement contrairement à ce qui est marqué sur le site d’Apple (8Go max).
J’espère avoir pu vous donner une idée de ce produit. Si oui, alors n’hésitez à l’indiquer en cliquant sur l’icône “utile” juste en dessous !

Suite à un changement de carte mère, et à la possibilité de le tester sur d’autres machines

Suite à un changement de carte mère, et à la possibilité de le tester sur d’autres machines, j’ai pu constater que le produit marchait bien. Le transfert est donc rapide et se fait sans erreur. Que demander de plus. Je modifie donc mon commentaire pour lui attribuer la note qu’il mérite. Cinq étoiles au lieu de une.

Message initial avec une carte mère capricieuse (Asus X99-A II) :
Problème de reconnaissance

Il n’a fonctionné que la première fois. Les utilisations suivante, il est reconnu par Windows dans le gestionnaire de périphérique mais aucun disque n’est trouvé. Essayé sur plusieurs SSD ou disques 2.5″ et rien n’y fait.

Très heureux du produit, tout fonctionne parfaitement, le contact avec le fournisseur est rapide (pour demander une facture).

les + :
– transfert très rapide
– Câble assez long
– compatible mac/pc/linux
– Très bonne qualité
les – :
Il n’y en a pas 🙂

Conclusion :
La construction du câble est vraiment de très belle facture avec un plastique moulé épais, les connecteurs sont solides. La partie SATA s’enfiche parfaitement sur un disque 2,5, le connecteur USB s’enfiche aussi sans jeu, ni dureté excessive..
Vous pourrez avec ce câble, connecter n’importe quel disque SATA 2,5 (SSD ou HDD), sur n’importe quel PC. Il sera reconnu (s’il est partitionné bien sûr) instantanément comme un disque supplémentaire. Pas besoin de soft ou d’outil supplémentaire.

Je conseille vivement !

Cet adaptateur a rempli sa fonction au premier essai. l’installation s’est faite automatiquement sous WIN10 64. le disque dur connecté a été reconnu. la finition est de qualité, signe engageant sur la fiabilité attendue. Enfin un prix très raisonnable. Je recommande ce produit pour les diques 2,5 ” consommant peu. Le packaging est aussi signe de qualité du produit.