Key parameters to check when looking for the right charger

1. Brand Name

2. DC Output

3. Connector Size

Most of the clients search the charger by Series, Model or Part Number, however the 3 parameters above are the only ones that matter.

Here we provide a few tips for you to find out the right key parameters of your needed charger.

Brand name

The brand of your laptop. 


DC Output

Namely Volt and Ampere, can be found written on the label of your original charger, or on the label of your laptop.

19V--4.74A ,20V--3.25A, 19.5V--4.62A, etc.

Connector Size

Most of the connectors (The plug fits into the laptop) are round. The Internal Diameter and External Diameter of the connectors can't be found written on any labels so you need a ruler to measure.  To get accurate numbers you need to keep one of your eyes closed to read when measuring.  If your original charger is lost, you can measure the power port of the laptop.

External Diameter: 7.4mm Internal Diameter: 5.0mm, External Diameter: 4.0mm Internal Diameter: 1.35mm , External Diameter: 5.5mm Internal Diameter: 2.5mm etc.

If you do not have a ruler, well, here we provide a 'ruler', a ruler in picture for you.

First, find a USB Data Cable, put the USB plug of it above the screen and adjust the size of the picture below, to make the USB plug in the picture is the same size with your USB plug. 

After that, this ruler should be ready and you can use it to measure. You can put the Connector of the charger over the rule below and read the numbers.